Company: Reliable Controls Corporation

Product: SMART-Net Relay

Description: This product provides direct line-voltage control without the use of low-voltage pilot relays. The compact, multichannel line-voltage relay solution communicates on any Reliable Controls SMART-Net network. It complements applications where direct line-voltage control is required. Available in two customizable families of products, SNR and SNR20A, the product allows users to gain control of line-powered loads in a compact device that does not require inputs or outputs on host controllers. Field installation, testing, and commissioning are made simple in a wide range of applications, including hotel room controls, hydronic floor heating systems, and lighting. The optional power supply provides a convenient line voltage source to power other devices. Features include up to five individual 5-Amp mechanical relays, an optional three-speed fan control relay, and an optional solid-state relay. Other optional choices offer dry contact/thermistor inputs, a conduit cover, and 24VDC power supply.

Contact: 877-475-9301,, eProduct 189 

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