GE Appliances, a Haier company, debuted its all-new Haier MRV-5 Series at this year’s AHR Expo. The company’s latest variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system is equipped with Multilink wire-free technology, which allows wire-free communication among indoor units.

Courtney Gardner, service execution senior manager at GE Appliances, explained that a user only has to wire one indoor unit to an outdoor unit. Then, that one communicates with the other indoor units. The system has a 300-foot range, but a repeater will step that up. More than 20 units can be connected.

Gardner said there is no limitation to size of a building that can use the product, but smaller to medium-size facilities are the main audience. Gardner said it takes a lot of labor to run wire, even in these smaller footprints. Going to a wireless system makes it easier to install and cuts down the labor cost.

The MRV-5 Series offers 208/230VAC heat recovery and heat pump models. DC inverter and EVI compressors maximize efficiency and offer intelligent control. Large coil and two-stage sub cooling circuit increases performance when demand is high, and its non-reversing four-way valve avoids temperature fluctuation and extra stress on components.

Indoor units include wall mount, cassette, medium static, and slim duct models with a wide range of capacities from 7,000 BTU for small conference rooms to 54,000 BTU units that can cover large open spaces that require constant heating and/or cooling. The MRV-5 Series also has optional branch connector kits compatible with Haier FlexFit models to allow for flexibility.

As someone who used to service units, Gardner’s favorite touch is that the door provides easy access. It opens on a hinge and can also be removed if needed. It gives clear distinction about where the piping comes in, so there is no interference between opening the door and doing the piping, and it only uses three screws.

“If you ever have to do something to it, it just makes it easier to work on,” Gardner said.

GE Appliances also debuted two newly redesigned wall air conditioners. Available in 26-inch built-in or 24-inch through-the-wall (TTW) models, these new units offer a sleek appearance.

The GE J-Series (the built-in models) has gotten a complete platform refresh. New models fit into the existing sleeve and are designed to maximize the square footage of any room. The new design comes in white with metallic accents. Energy Star options are available, and models offer advanced corrosion protection features including stainless steel hardware and protective coating on the compressor, coils, and other components. GE Appliances’ built-in models include features such as dry mode, eco mode, and auto mode. All heat models are compatible with remote wall thermostats. GE Appliances also offers high-mount models, offering a full lineup to accommodate installation needs.

GE Appliances’ TTW models are compatible with a variety of existing wall sleeve installations. Features such as three-speed fan options, six-way directional airflow, dry mode, auto mode, and eco mode maximize comfort, efficiency and humidity levels. All units have LED displays and include a remote control, trim kit, and installation accessories.