Gathered around the interactive product map navigated via a touch screen, visitors to the Embraco booth witnessed firsthand what the company had to offer as a global manufacturer of solutions for refrigeration.

The company has 1,200 patents granted worldwide; one in five compressors in the world has the Embraco brand; it has a 50,000-square-foot warehouse in Duluth, Georgia; and there is a dedicated technical support team for American customers. Now part of Nidec Global Appliance, Embraco is addressing the latest refrigeration industry trends as well as the growing influence of natural refrigerant use both in the U.S. and globally.

One of the professionals on hand to answer questions was Marek Zgliczynski, R&D director of NIDEC Global Appliance. Not only has he been in the business for almost 41 years, but he is also the chair of Subcommittee SC61C — Safety of refrigeration appliances for household and commercial use — of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) .

“We recently implemented a new standard allowing the use of propane with larger charge and also the chemical refrigerants in the commercial facilities; and now this standard is global,” he said. “Now it’s just a matter of adoptions and what they look like in different countries.”

New products and demos were packed into the booth for different equipment lines and offerings. In the aftermarket section, there was a mini wholesaler store with the company’s complete refrigeration portfolio along with a tablet that featured its digital tools, including the toolbox app. There was also a lineup of R-290 solutions compliant with regulation trends.

One of the bigger announcements was the launch of the second generation of condensing units. The new Embraco condensing units’ portfolio was designed for multiple applications and focused on OEM, installer, and end-user experience. The line offers a product that features painted coils, coil U-bend protection, and a cut out for discharge tube protection, all within what Embraco described as a more robust packaging. Other features assist technicians with ease of service, as wiring follows National Electric Code and the units have standard electrical connections. All units also have a terminal block and comply with UL requirements. Embraco offers three different options of features packages, giving the benefit of the choice for the customer to select the level of attributes they want to include in their unit. The portfolio is designed for low- and medium-temperature applications, using R-404A or R-134a, and the product range goes from 1/10 to 1½ hp.

For food service, the company is producing variable speed compressors and inverters, in compact and efficient R-290 condensing units. In merchandisers, there will be R-290 compressors for beverage coolers as well.

The overall plan is to add to the Embraco current offering of products, not to take away legacy solutions that are still compliant with regulations, according to Stella Rosa, trade marketing analyst, North America, Embraco.