Awareness of indoor air quality continues to grow. As a result, RGF Environmental Group Inc. is seeing strong demand for its line of purification systems.

“We used to have to educate the contractor to sell at the front door,” said Tony Julian, RGF’s vice president of commercial air products. “Now we’re finding the homeowners are asking the questions: What can you do to help me with mold, with bacteria? We’re seeing much more awareness.”

The Halo-LED™ is a UV LED in-duct, whole-home air purification system that is both mercury-free and zero ozone compliant. In addition to reducing indoor pollutants, switching to LED extends the life of RGF’s bulbs out to four years from two.

The Halo-LED™ is certified to meet the performance standards as required by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Leveraging bi-polar ionization the Halo-LED™ provides the added benefit of reducing airborne allergens, dust, and particulates. The technology utilizes an exclusive hybrid hydrophilic zinc-enhanced washable ceramic catalyst and is powered by a proprietary low-energy LED array.

Now RGF plans to leverage that awareness into the commercial space. The company is formalizing a commercial division. At this year’s AHR Expo, the Florida-based firm spotlighted the addition of commercial ultraviolet HVAC coil maintenance and disinfection solutions to its commercial IAQ product line.

RGF Commercial UV systems come with a large selection of UV lamps. They also come with NEMA 4X power supplies, patented high output lamps with IP65 quick connections, energy reflectors, and multiple mounting options including magnetic and mechanical mounts. Each system comes with an RGF system design specific to that HVAC project, upon request.

RGF’s commercial UV systems bring engineered HVAC coil maintenance and disinfection solutions to commercial and industrial buildings by providing increased sustainability for the owner and improved indoor air quality for the occupants. RGF said UV systems can decrease facility energy consumption by up to 30 percent when properly designed and installed. UV coil disinfection is a part of green building certifications, healthcare infection prevention plans, and the growing movement of commercial buildings to energy service contracting. Keeping the coils mold-free reduces energy usage.

RGF already has a successful biocontrols division that serves hospitals. Julian said these customers are always looking for more solutions as the public and regulators pay more attention to infection rates.

“They all have infection control managers and they are all looking for the best technology to reduce infection,” Julian said. “And airborne infection is key.”

Julian said RGF saw a strong response to its display at the Expo and expects a strong performance going forward.

“We’re happy with the growth and awareness around IAQ, and we look forward to it compounding,” Julian said.