Company: Automated Logic Corporation

Product: OptiPoint™Smart Valves

Description: The valves feature communicating actuators that allow Automated Logic Corporation terminal unit controllers to manage reheat valve positions directly using serial commands. This communications technology offers precise control, as the actuator is capable of modulating to any position as directed by the controller and provides exact position feedback for diagnostic purposes. Designed in partnership with Belimo®, the new smart valve offers seamless connectivity to the WebCTRL® building automation system, providing operators with access to valve performance data from anywhere at any time and quick error detection with integrated fault detection and diagnostics. Operators are automatically notified if a valve has failed, becomes stuck, or is cycling or leaking. The product is available for both pressure dependent and pressure independent applications, and features a compact design for easy installation in tight spaces. The valve bodies snap directly to the actuator, allowing operators and technicians to install valves quickly, easily, and without the use of tools. The valve actuator is capable of providing fail open, fail close, or fail last position to meet project requirements.

Contact: 770-429-3000,, eProduct 188

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