Company: System Air

Product: Geniox

Description: This line of units offer an energy efficient ventilation solution for commercial, hygiene, marine, and industrial applications. It can handle airflows from 750-48.000 m3/h (0.2 - 13.3 m3/s). The product can be configured in the company’s design program SystemairCAD. The updated casing with L1(M) leakage class further increases the unit’s high energy efficiency — minimizing heat loss and thermal bridges to save energy and ensure the highest operating efficiency. The tighter the unit, the less energy the motor needs. In addition, the casing protects the inside functions and is effective for thermal and sound insulation. The unit’s L1 class is especially designed for hospitals, pharmacies, and other application areas with strict hygiene criteria. If the air handling unit is not as tight as possible, a negative pressure in a section can cause outside air to draw in. As a result, supply air could be contaminated.

Contact: 519-688-6363 ext. 522,, eProduct 183

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