COMPANY:Munters, Amesbury, Mass.

INSTALLATION:10 high-efficiency air-handling units and an Oasis® system


CUSTOMER:Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Las Vegas

OBJECTIVE:Use of latest generation efficiency technology to cut overall energy use by 45 percent.

DESCRIPTION:In an effort to decrease its energy consumption, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has launched multiple test sites that endeavor to reduce overall store energy usage by 45 percent. Multiple strategies have been implemented to achieve this goal. One store in Las Vegas partnered with Munters and had 10 high-efficiency air-handling units (AHUs) installed. Another store had an Oasis® system installed to compliment other efforts made. The AHUs provide multifunctional cooling and heating. Each unit has three modes to adapt to year-round temperatures, allowing for more granularity of control. The Oasis® system is an indirect evaporative cooling system for treating make-up air. According to Munters, this corrosion-resistant system provides cool, dry air to the store without refrigeration, using 50 percent less energy to treat the required 5,000 cfm of make-up air.

“Partnering with Wal-Mart on these types of projects meets the sustainability goals for both companies.”
- Chuck Campbell, president of Munters Commercial Division

Publication date:04/07/2008