NOVI, Mich. — After almost 35 years, General Filters announced a new brand identity that includes new logos, colors, and design. 

Since its founding in 1937, General Filters has updated its corporate logo just once. 

The company moved the GeneralAire logo from red to blue and updated the tagline to read, “Breathe Healthier.”

The goal was to find a unique, relatable image that better reflects the entire lineup of General Filters products, with a design that is fresh, contemporary, and relates to a broader audience.  The water drop speaks not only to humidity control but also to oil.  The wavy white lines speak to the clean, fresh, healthy, air as it is introduced throughout a home by GeneralAire and Second Wind products.  The company transitioned from red to blue, as a majority of its business is comprised of Indoor Air Quality Products and better reflects the future direction of the company. 

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