ORLANDO, Fla. — On the last night of the AHR Expo in Orlando, the Radiant Professionals Alliance (RPA) announced the semi-annual transfer of the 2020 Carlson-Holohan Industry Award of Excellence. Dozens of radiant and hydronics professionals crowded into the Cuba Libre Restaurant on the evening of February 4, enjoying networking, refreshments, and (of course) the bar’s signature rum-and-Coke drink — the Cuba Libre — while awaiting the announcement.

This year, the honor was bestowed upon Bob “Hot Rod” Rohr, a 50-plus-year veteran of the radiant heating industry.

Rohr started in the industry in the 1960s, working alongside his dad as a tradesperson. Today, he is lead trainer for Caleffi, a manufacturer of components for heating, plumbing, air conditioning, heat metering, and renewables. Rohr himself is a longtime member of the RPA. His name joins a list of recipients that includes such industry notables as Ingrid Mattsson, John Goshulak, John Siegenthaler, and Mark Eartherton.

Like many in the room that night, Rohr has dedicated his career to educating others in the art and skill of his profession — so much so, that one RPA colleague referred to Rohr’s family as the First Family of Hydronics.

“This award means everything,” Rohr said afterward. “It’s like the Academy Awards of the industry!”

John Siegenthaler, principal at Appropriate Designs, Holland Patent, New York, was among those in attendance and had nothing but praise for Rohr on his special day.

“Bob is one of the most generous people I know as far as helping people in the trades learn how to do hydronics right,” he said. “I wouldn’t venture to guess how many thousands of people he’s helped train. He’s a very humble guy – a character trait that is to be admired today. He’s done a lot for the industry.”

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