ORLANDO, Fla. — LG Components held a press conference on February 4 at the AHR Expo and announced the release of a new product, the R1 Compressor.

The conference began with Mike Robertson, OEM account manager for LG, recounting some of LG’s past developments in compressor technology. LG introduced the compressor to the North American market in 2006, and has steadily grown its market share.

“The growth that we’ve enjoyed is a testament to the fact that we’ve got great engineering, great reliability, and really a great product,” he said.  

Robertson told the attendees that LG engineering reimagined the reciprocating compressor, and created the linear compressor. He also discussed the high-side scroll, which LG utilized to improve efficiency and allow the compressor to pump refrigerant through lengthy line sets. Lastly, he mentioned the rotary compressor that was designed for use in unitary applications.

Then, he introduced the new R1 Compressor.  

“Enough about the past, let’s talk about the future,” he said. “LG Engineering have taken rotary technology, high-side scroll technology, and merged it into one compressor.”

He described that the compressor takes the best of rotary and high-side scroll technology and fuses them into one.

“It takes the scroll mechanism, has a shaft that penetrates through the scroll, and actually oscillates,” Robertson said. “It gets the scroll mid-shell, closer to the oil supply. So we think there’s a reliability improvement we’re going to have with this compressor.”

Later in the conference, Jerry Edwards, sales engineer for LG components, discussed the benefits for contractors, saying that the R1 compressor is, “quieter, weighs less, more efficient, everything [contractors] love.”

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