LAS VEGAS – LG Electronics hosted a press conference during the 2017 AHR Expo to reveal its expanded 2017 lineup of commercial and residential HVAC solutions with a new customizable control system, next-generation variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology, new heating capabilities, and design tools.

Kevin McNamara, senior vice president, Air Conditioning Technologies, LG Electronics USA highlighted several new products being featured at the AHR Expo, including the LG Multi V™ 5, LG Multi V S, LG RED° Heat Powerful Heating Technology optimized for cold climate performance, the Smart ThinQ® application, and the Lg MultiSITE Controls suite.

The expanded control solutions include the LG MultiSITE Remote Controller, LG MultiSITE Communications Manager and LG MultiSITE VM3 Building Management Solution empower operators to take control of their buildings in ways that were not previously possible.

“VRF has been abused in the U.S.,” McNamara said. “The reason it’s been abused is you these outside boxes and you know what’s inside in terms of compressors and so forth, but the important thing about VRF systems are algorithms and software. It’s all about software. This is a high technology piece of equipment. Not being able to integrate with that software and those algorithms has resulted in not fully benefiting from all the things VRF brings as far as efficiency and performance go. By trying to integrate with other manufacture control systems, we’re losing information and the technology has gotten a bad name because they say it doesn’t work. Now with our new platform, all of our stuff is plug and play.”

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