Company: Plastic Technology Inc., a division of HSM

Product: InnoShield™

Description: Designed for outdoor HVAC and plumbing applications that are prone to extreme temperatures, moisture, and sunlight, the coating also provides maximum cut and tear resistance, making it less prone to damage during installation. Rated for usage in temperatures ranging from minus 297 to 220°F, the product also features UV protection and low water vapor permeability, which allows contractors and homeowners to save on additional vapor barriers. The entire foam pipe insulation product line meets ASTM E-84 standards. InnoShield meets these standards up to ¾-inch wall thickness. InnoTough meets the standard up to 1-inch wall thickness, and the baseline product, InnoFoam, meets the standard up to 1½-inch wall thickness.

Contact: 800-438-5341,, eProduct 181

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