The XcelPac™ vertical wall-mount air conditioner is designed specifically for modular and relocatable commercial structures. It is built in cooling capacities of 2, 2.5, and 3 tons; electric heat is available on all models. According to the company, an adjustable damper that can allow up to 15% fresh air for ventilation is standard; an optional damper is also available for when fresh air ventilation rates up to 30% are required. The Mono-Motor™ is a single motor that drives both the evaporator blower and the condenser fan. Features include a service disconnect that must be pulled before the cover to the electrical panel can be removed, and electric heat that is located remote from the supply air outlet.

Marvair, a Division of Airxcel, Inc., 156 Seedling Dr., Cordele, GA 31015; 229-273-3636; 229-273-5154 (fax).

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