DALLAS — Talk to any skilled trades contractor and they’re likely to commiserate about the need for more skilled trades staff. Mike Hajduk, past president of Callahan Roach Flat Rate Pricing, has heard those concerns mount over the last ten years. Based on these growing needs and his expertise, Hajduk has joined Blue Collar Talent Scouts LLC Advisory Board. Blue Collar Talent Scouts LLC (BCTS), a consulting firm focused on the recruiting and retention of skilled tradespeople in the mechanical trades, welcomed Hajduk’s expertise and focus as he joined the newly formed Advisory Board of Directors.

Mike Hajduk has spent his entire professional career working to help give mechanical contractors the tools necessary to exceed at sustaining and growing their business. His most recent role was as president and co-owner of Callahan Roach Flat Rate Pricing for 19 years

“In today’s market, contractors are having a harder time than ever finding and retaining qualified workers,” said Hajduk. “After first meeting with BCTS, they showed the diligence, trust, confidence, and competency necessary to help Contractors with this issue.”

“We are very excited to have an industry leader as part of our advisory board,” said Dan Baker and Wood Boyles, principals of Blue Collar Talent Scouts LLC.

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