OCEANSIDE, Calif. — Aeroseal is the newest member of the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) Suppliers Advisory Board (SAB).

“We are excited to join the RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board, as we understand the importance of the HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rater community. We want to drive strong partnerships with them and learn from their industry expertise,” said Mark Keeton, vice president and general manager of Aeroseal Envelope. “As part of the Suppliers Advisory Board, we are looking forward to sharing our perspective on how to use proven technologies to create better buildings today and into the future.”

“We are pleased to have companies like Aeroeseal join the RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board. We welcome them to the SAB to share knowledge about the role of their products in building energy-efficient, durable, and comfortable homes,” said Steve Baden, executive director of RESNET. “Being on the RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board is a great opportunity for suppliers to have a voice and to benefit from the industry’s perspective.”

The SAB provides opportunities for suppliers to better understand RESNET, network, and offer input to the RESNET board of directors. There are currently 10 members of the RESNET SAB.

In addition to a seat on the RESNET board, SAB members receive an annual supplier intelligence report. The report includes data on HERS-rated homes. SAB members can also participate in the RESNET podcast, RESTalk, and receive marketing and sales support.