Company: The Energy Conservatory

Product: TEC DG-1000

Description: Now available with Bluetooth, this product provides users full access to all features of their devices, such as apps and email. The connection range is similar to Wi-Fi, so professionals can move freely around the building they’re testing. In addition to Bluetooth, other features include the Tubing Assistant. This integrated tool walks users through a step-by-step process to ensure proper tubing connections for accuracy in all testing scenarios. Bluetooth will be pre-installed on new DG-1000 gauges. Professionals who already own one of these products can unlock this capability by installing update version 1.6. The Bluetooth icon will appear on the home screen. All iOS apps, such as TEC Gauge and Auto Test, have been updated to connect via Bluetooth. Android apps will be updated soon.

Contact: 612-827-1117,, eProduct 187

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