Company: Seresco Dehumidifiers

Product: NP Series

Description: Known as the company’s flagship series, this product offers new options including a fan array made of EC motor fans. Made to supply scalable and redundant airflow for large natatoriums, the technology uses multiple smaller EC fans that add up to equal the same airflow as one or two direct-drive blower(s) with variable-frequency drive. The new fan array enables better scalability for the supply air and eases the balancing of the system for the installing contractor. End users can set an unoccupied airflow mode at the Seresco CommandCenter operator panel to allow the fans to lower their output when compressors are off during unoccupied hours to save energy. Units equipped with airside pressure sensors can also increase fan speed to compensate for an unexpected pressure drop. Implementing the fan array in an NP causes the compressor vestibule to be rotated to the side. Because of this, the length of some units may be shortened, and smaller split sections are possible.

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