The Dry-O-Tron DSV Series is an energy-efficient dehumidifier designed for light commercial and residential indoor pool and spa areas. The unit offers heat recovery for free pool water heating. It includes green features such as variable-frequency drive-controlled plenum fans, optional electronically commutated motors, microchannel condensing coils, night setback and load shedding demand controlling features, and the energy-saving Supervisaire® controller. Additionally, the dehumidifier offers engineers and contractors a choice of three refrigerants: R-134a, R-407C, or R-410A. The dehumidifier has up to 10 field-selectable air discharge locations as well as mirror image options for optimum field installation flexibility. The DSV also offers optional space air conditioning along with optional space electric, hot water, or steam heating. The dehumidifier is available in 2- to 16-ton sizes. The Chloraguard® indoor air purification system option removes harmful chloramines and other airborne gaseous contaminants commonly found in indoor pool spaces.

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