Company: Caleffi

Product: NAS200 ThermoCon™ Series

Description: This line of products are multi-use tanks designed to be used for wood-fired boilers, solar, and geothermal storage. They also function in heating systems with low-mass boilers, chilled water systems, and low-mass radiation. The fully-insulated, porcelain-coated, steel tanks are ideal for chilled, hot water, or potable water applications (anode rod required, separately sourced). Maximizing the efficiency of hydronic systems by providing thermal storage, this product can also serve as a hydraulic separator to prevent pump conflict. Tanks are available in 25-, 50-, and 80-gallon capacities. The NAS20120 is available in 119-gallon capacity. The maximum working pressure is 150 psi, and testing pressure is 300 psi. Working temperature ranges from 35° to 180°F.

Contact: 414-238-2360,, eProduct 192

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