Company: RTU Lift Systems Inc.

Product: RTU-2500

Description: This product allows technicians to safely lift, move, and set commercial rooftop a/c units up to 27-ton capacity or 2,500 lbs. With a lift height of 30 inches, units can be positioned over standard curbs or curbs with a 6-inch offset. Modular components of the product attach to a rooftop a/c unit in minutes and provide safety and stability with four points of contact. The hand-crank screw jack system eliminates the need for batteries or chain-falls and allows for precise height control during operation. Individual components weigh 30 pounds and can be hoisted through any roof hatch. Built with commercial grade components and structural steel, it is epoxy painted and weather resistant. Roller bearings and aircraft ground support-grade casters allow users to move a/c rooftop units across the roof. A storage system is included, and the product can be transported in a pickup truck bed.

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