The RTU Lift System is compatible with commercial HVAC units for safe and easy installation. Not all rooftop installations or replacements are able to be accessed by a crane due to power lines, property restrictions, other obstacles.

Additionally, the use of a large crane or helicopter can be costly and time consuming. The RTU Lift system eliminates the need for a large crane or helicopter, drastically reducing job costs. 

All the main components of the system are modular and serviceable. Both the fixed and swivel wheels can be removed by a single 1/2" bolt should there be a need to remove for servicing or to reduce weight. The main components are 35 lbs. or less, and the system can be easily pulled through a roof hatch. 

System setup: 

  • Simply attach the mounting brackets via 1/2" bolts on the curb of any RTU up to 2500 Lbs.
  • Bolt the sleeves, and pin the uprights. 
  • Now you are able to push the RTU on the roof, effortlessly.

Large 8.5" x 18.5" fixed and dual swivel caster wheels which are equipped with roller bearings allow for smooth operation, 0° turning radius, and overall easy control. This allows (2) people to push and maneuver the RTU Lift. Raise or lower the unit at all (4) corners with 5000lb. rated manual jacks.

Also, with wheel contact points at each corner, the RTU Lift is the most stable and safest system you can use. No electrical/ battery components to maintain, no messy chainfalls, no I-beams or trolleys, which have to be kept out of the elements. The RTU Lift  System is weather proof and built to last.