Company: Coleman® HVAC brand of Johnson Controls

Product: Coleman® Point™ Choice

Description: The 15-27.5 ton units exceed Department of Energy (DOE) 2018 guidelines by up to 25 percent and already surpass future DOE 2023 part-load standards by nearly 10 percent to reduce energy use. An optional four-stage IntelliSpeed™ discrete fan control allows units to deliver 15 percent higher IEER ratings than some high-efficiency units. Additional airflow strategies, including constant-volume (CV), variable air volume (VAV), and Continuous Reset Single Zone (CRSZ). The product offers a wide range of gas heat options including full modulating gas heat with a 2.85:1 turndown ratio and 1 percent incremental change of heating capacity. Additional features include multiple outdoor air options, including both factory and field installed versions of low-leak damper economizers, constant volume powered exhaust, and modulating powered exhaust. The new design is up to 33 percent lighter than existing Coleman models and features smart equipment enablement with a prepackaged control platform that maximizes control and efficiency while extending equipment life and reducing operating costs. Units integrate with leading building controls systems, including Verasys®. An optional mobile access portal (MAP) gateway with Wi-Fi hotspot provides access to commissioning, configuration, and maintenance logs using a mobile smart device.

Contact: 877-874-7378,, eProduct 181

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