LOS ANGELES ServiceTitan announced that Edward Yip, the company’s vice president of products, and Julia Baker, director of technical project management, will be featured as guest speakers at the Los Angeles ProductCon conference for a discussion on maturing a product organization from startup to mid-growth.

ProductCon is a product management conference series focused on the best practices behind the most successful products and new trends in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, the internet of things, and blockchain. The talk will spotlight Yip and Baker’s experience developing product organization for ServiceTitan as the company has matured.

“Most startups begin with loose processes, role definitions and metrics,” Yip said. “As a product management team grows bigger, there is a transition period, and you can’t operate as loosely anymore. That’s when there is a need for Product Operations.”

The duo heads the product management department for ServiceTitan, and both have extensive experience in the industry. Yip joined ServiceTitan earlier this year as vice president of products. He previously led product management at major technology firms Google and ServiceMax. Baker joined the company in 2017. She has managed other tech product teams and has worked at Amazon and Yellow Pages prior to joining ServiceTitan.  

“Transitioning from startup to mid-growth requires more distinct roles for a product manager,” Baker said. “A product manager for a startup is a Jack-of-all-trades. You learn to be very comfortable with ambiguity and swift changes as the company grows to scale. As a product manager of a midsize company, your role is more fine-tuned and requires a completely different set of skills.”

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