COLUMBUS, Ohio — Heating, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) has launched HARDI Hub, a new interactive video portal for educational and HVACR industry content.

HARDI Hub features eight channels that highlight themes individuals in the HVACR industry utilize for successful business operations. Each channel features educational videos that allow the viewer to learn something new or to get an update about something that affects their business.

The videos on the portal fall into one of three categories, including Conference All Year Long, Thought Leadership, and original HARDI Content. Conference All Year Long features full-length sessions from HARDI’s conferences, allowing those who could not attend to be a part of the action, or for attendees to revisit a session they enjoyed. Thought Leadership videos invite industry experts, who specialize in specific topics, to provide quick pieces of knowledge in an interview, webinar, or lecture format.  HARDI original content turns valued HARDI reports and data into shorter, digestible videos like TRENDS in two Minutes, featuring Benchmarking Analyst, Brian Loftus.

Videos are organized into eight different channels, including HVAC Employment, HVAC Government Affairs, HVAC Market Intelligence, HVAC Marketing, HVAC Networking and Events, HVAC News, HVAC Operations, and HVAC Sales. HARDI has encouraged viewers to subscribe to the channels they are interested in to receive alerts when new videos are published.

HARDI Hub will feature content that is available to the public as well as gated, “members only” content.

The release of HARDI Hub was accompanied by an Annual Conference preview featuring HARDI CEO, Talbot Gee. In this interview, Gee discusses the new State of the Channel address that will be given each year at HARDI’s conference.

HARDI will be releasing regular content weekly and began the channel with preloaded content, including the short version of Hot Commodity, the workforce recruitment documentary.

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