WASHINGTON — As distributors and other business owners try to evaluate the types of coronavirus-related federal relief available to them, Heating Air-Conditioning Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) has launched a decision making tool on its website.

The brief set of questions asks about things like the impact of COVID-19 on the employer’s team and their families, and whether the virus has affected employees’ child care needs given school closures or other care adjustments.

In addition to asking if users plan to furlough or lay off employees, the tool asks if the employer is worried that some employees may then look for work elsewhere. This sort of factor may make a difference in which resources to pursue within the current range of options.

One aspect of the tool steers users to this info sheet, which in turn may point to other resources depending on each user’s situation.

Distributors and others may be interested in HARDI’s broader COVID-19 Resources page as well.

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