Which states have the safest fleet drivers? Azuga arrived at its answer to this question by studying 3.6 million driver behavior datasets from its GPS fleet tracking devices over the first five months of 2019.

Azuga reports that this data was then converted into a Driver Score for each state, using a weighted average of speed limit violations, speeding, sudden acceleration, hard braking, idling, seat belt usage, and other driving behaviors for 51,134 drivers across the country.

What do the rankings reflect? Good, safe fleet drivers can be found from sea to shining sea. However, with the exception of Louisiana, the entire South and Southwest could stand to buckle up and buckle down a little more with regard to driving habits.

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Azuga, a provider of connected vehicle and fleet technologies, says that using its Driver Scores in conjunction with programs like Driver Rewards and FleetMobile app has been able to curb risky driving behaviors while promoting healthy competition, reducing accident rates up to 70 percent. More on how Azuga serves fleet-based businesses is available at www.azuga.com/success-stories.

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