Company: Cortec® Corp.

Product: Cooling Loop Gator®

Description: This product is a Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI®) powder packaged in polyvinyl-alcohol (PVA) water-soluble bags. Developed for seasonal, short-, or long-term lay-up, the product protects enclosed spaces for up to 12 months. Once the bag and powder dissolve, the VpCIs adsorb on all metal surfaces reaching recessed areas and interior cavities. The VpCIs form a strong molecular layer on the metal that protects in both the liquid and vapor phase. The product provides multi-metal protection, including galvanized steel and yellow metals such as copper and brass. It does not need to be removed prior to start up and is biodegradable (>80%), non-toxic, and non-irritating. Nitrite-, phosphate-, and chromate-free, the product is compatible with the majority of commercially available biocides and anti-scalants.

Contact: 800-426-7832,, eProduct 187

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