Company: UV Resources

Product: SLX

Description: This product disinfects HVACR airstreams, cooling coils, and drain pans to keep them free of infection-causing microorganisms and organic matter. UL-listed per ABQK, the Single Lamp eXterior-mounted fixture offers facility managers and building owners an option to disinfect air and surfaces that are typically inaccessible from inside the air handler. According to the company, when applied adjacent to the cooling coil, the product can deliver improved HVAC heat transfer, decreased energy use, reduced maintenance downtime and damage and improved IAQ. It provides 360 degrees of high UV-C intensity and mounts to the exterior of supply, return, or exhaust plenums or ducts. Applications include light commercial, commercial, industrial, healthcare, and manufacturing facilities.

Contact: 877-884-4822,, eProduct 182

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