Company: UV Resources

Product: SLX

Description: This fixture disinfects HVACR air streams, cooling coils, and drain pans as it provides 360 degrees of high UV-C intensity. It can be mounted to the exterior of supply, return, or exhaust plenums or ducts. The UV-C wavelength kills pathogens on surfaces and in airstreams and also stops the proliferation of infectious or allergenic agents. The product offers facility managers and building owners an option to disinfect air and surfaces that are typically inaccessible from inside the air handler. Additionally, when applied adjacent to the cooling coil, the high-output lamps can deliver improved heat transfer, decreased energy use, reduced maintenance downtime and damage, and improved IAQ. The fixture comes standard with the EncapsuLamp™ (FEP lamp coating) technology, which protects installers, plenums, and airstreams from lamp residues, such as gas, mercury, and glass, should an accidental lamp break occur. In addition, it insulates the lamp’s surface from the fluctuating temperatures of a/c systems.

Contact: 877-884-4822;; eProduct 181


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