RectorSeal: Rooftop Pipe Support

Company: RectorSeal® LLC

Product: Rooftop Pipe Support

Description: This product is designed for mounting HVACR, electrical, plumbing and condensate piping, or ductwork, walkway grates, and solar panels on commercial flat rooftops without roof penetration. It is a .15-inch-thick (3.8-mm) ultraviolet light-stabilized, weather-resistant copolymer shell with a high density foam core that provides insulation, vibration isolation, and roof membrane protection. The product weighs .78 pounds (354-grams), but can withstand load capacities of up to 250- to 350-pounds each when used with universal strut channel. It has five numbered slots to keep two-inch and smaller pipe aligned and organized during installation, although it can accommodate larger pipe diameters. The top of the shell accommodates multiple pipes and its surface-gripping slots prevent pipe roll and movement during installation. Additional pipe runs can be supported above the shell top via a universal strut channel elevated by 1/2-inch (12-mm) threaded rod. Each unit has dedicated holes leading to a molded hexagonal receiver for friction-fitting 5/8-inch and 3/4-inch (19-mm) nuts that eliminate the need for a hold-back wrench when fastening threaded rods or bolts. Each unit includes a 3/4-inch (W) x 9-inch (L) (2 x 22-cm) galvanized perforated strap that secures up to one two-inch-diameter pipe.

Contact: 800-231-3345;; eProduct 181

Publication date: 5/20/2019


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