Company: Belimo Americas

Product: Dual Channel CO2/Temperature Sensor

Description: This sensor has a range of 5,000 ppm, and the dual channel technology measures two wavelengths split from a single light source. The sensor automatically takes a reading using the reference channel. Any change in the measurement indicates a change in the optics of the sensor. The sensors automatically adjusts the CO2 measurement when a change is detected to prevent drift. Manual calibration is not needed. High accuracy is maintained even in busy applications such as retail stores or hospitals. It features accurate, reliable readings available in degrees Fahrenheit (model 22DTC-5105) or Celsius (model 22DTC-1105). Ideally suited for applications requiring 24/7 operation, such as hospitals, retail stores, manufacturing plants, and indoor grow houses.

Contact: 800-543-9038;; eProduct 189