KENNESAW, Ga. — Carrier Connect™ Wi-Fi thermostats can now interface with Encycle’s cloud-based Swarm Logic® energy savings technology, focused on improving the efficiency of HVAC systems using IoT-enabled services. The interface connects Carrier’s thermostat into Encycle’s networked, cloud-based system that can result in HVAC energy consumption and demand savings of 10 to 20 percent, along with real-time remote access and simple control over a building’s temperature and humidity. 

Working in tandem with Carrier’s Connect thermostats, Encycle’s Swarm Logic software dynamically synchronizes HVAC rooftop units (RTUs), enabling them to operate most efficiently in response to changing conditions, such as outdoor temperature and building occupancy levels. RTUs become part of an IoT-based closed-loop system that coordinates their activity and distributes energy consumption more logically among the individual RTUs, without the need for additional hardware or equipment in most cases.

“This collaboration is an exciting opportunity for us to work with Encycle, a technology company focused on helping commercial and industrial customers maximize their energy savings potential, while also meeting their environmental sustainability goals,” said Mark Jones, business manager for Carrier Controls. “We are pleased to offer our customers the ability to not only control their building comfort, but to transform the way they control their energy use.”

“Carrier’s Connect thermostats are a natural fit for Encycle’s IoT-based energy management software,” said Robert Chiste, chairman and CEO of Encycle. “The Carrier Connect thermostat includes powerful touchscreen capabilities and is fully compatible with our Swarm Logic technology, as well as various new or existing equipment with 24-VAC control. The interface provides customers with a new set of energy-saving capabilities, enabling significant results.”

Publication date: 4/10/2019

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