ASHEBORO, N.C. — Five southeastern United States lubricant distributors announced the formation of Cadence Petroleum Group. Members include Pugh Lubricants of Asheboro, North Carolina; Apollo Oil of Winchester, Kentucky; Veteran’s Oil of Bessemer, Alabama; Halco Lubricants of Norcross, Georgia; and Mid-South Sales of Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Cadence Petroleum Group will continue to operate through its five brands in 20 existing locations and local service areas across the southeastern U.S. with central leadership to drive process improvement within the group and create more value for external partners. Existing leadership will stay in place at each of the companies, and customers will continue to interact with the familiar trucks, drivers, and customer service professionals they’ve come to know throughout 200-plus combined years of service from the five companies.

Robert Romano, CEO, Cadence Petroleum Group, sees tremendous upside in the new operation. “We have two huge advantages right from the start,” said Romano, in a statement. “If you look at how well our five businesses have served the customer in the past, when that’s your jumping off point, that’s truly remarkable. Pair that with our singular focus as a combined organization and it’s really exciting what we’re going to be able to do together.”

Similarly, Murray Benton of Mid-South Sales and Alan Parker of Halco Lubricants are extremely encouraged about the future they see for their organizations, as well as for the group as a whole.

“We’re going to continue to do right by our customers in Arkansas and the surrounding states, and we have incredibly strong backing from the group,” Benton said. “It’s an ideal situation for all of us.”

Parker said this group will add value to what Halco will be able to bring to its branded supplier partners.

“We were a great partner prior to the merger and now with the size and scale of the merged organization, we can bring added strength to all of them,” he said.

Together, the group expects to continue to expand its deliveries of lubricants and fuels across automotive, commercial, and industrial customers in 2019, and it will focus on efficiency and making it easy to partner with its customers.

Mike Pugh, president of the new group, sums it up: “When a company really hits its stride; when they find their cadence, it’s easier to do business. There’s a trust. There’s reliability and there’s value. That’s what we’re going to achieve together for the benefit of our customers.” 

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Publication date: 03/26/19