Company: Senseair

Product: S8 R32

Description: To overcome the concerns of the mild flammability of A2L refrigerants, this product detects gas leaks for mixtures containing R-32. The device provides feedback to mitigation control systems and/or creates a shutdown process. This sensor core targets the R-32 gas concentration in the A2L mixtures; calculates the air volume concentration of the refrigerant gas; and relates it to the avoidance thresholds by levels of lower flammability limit. The sensing platform can then provide an alert or directly engage in mitigation procedures. The solution is offered either as a calibrated sensor module for integration by customer or as a complete pre-integrated board design with relays and additional features bundled with all the required sensory aspects. The company can design and manufacture the complete enclosed system for a product that is ready to install.

Contact: 224-508-1048;; eProduct 182

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