Company: Torad Engineering LLC

Product: Spool Compressor

Description: The architecture of the product is well-suited for applications utilizing low-density gas due to its high displacement density and low cost to manufacture. An eccentric cam controls the rotating gate’s position and maintains a near-zero constant distance between the distal end of the rotating gate and the stator bore, which allows the compressor to scale across large capacity and speed ranges. The rotating vane is controlled by the eccentric cam and prevents the vane from contacting the housing bore. As a result, the size and weight of the rotating vane has a low impact on kinematic and friction losses. The vane can be constructed with a robust cross section that allows the spool compressor to easily handle high compression ratios and absolute pressure differentials while easily scaling to larger-capacity applications. The spool endplates are attached to the spool hub to form the rotating spool assembly. These endplates enable various means for sealing the fluid chambers between the endplates and the compressor housing. The compressor’s geometry provides easy access to the compression process and intermediate pressures. The implementation of advanced compression techniques, such as vapor injection, oil injection, and economizing, can easily be achieved at minimal cost.

Contact: 770-889-8400;; eProduct 185

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