ATLANTA – Surrounded by a large crowd at the 2019 AHR Expo, Chris Peel, president and CEO of Rheem Manufacturing Company, announced bold goals for the future of the company in commemoration of its upcoming 100th anniversary in 2025.

“In 2025 Rheem will commit to cutting our greenhouse gas footprint by 50 percent,” he said. “Rheem will also commit to achieving zero waste and zero landfill impact from all of our global manufacturing operations. And finally, Rheem will commit to training 250,000 customers on sustainability best practices.”

He went on to acknowledge that sustainable thinking is imbedded in everything done at Rheem, from its products to its processes, to the way its employees think and act.

“So I am very confident that the team will achieve these goals and that they will lead the industry along the way and truly make a difference,” said Peel. “Here is our vision of the future. A future that starts right now.”

With that statement a video launched further explaining the goals for the company’s “Greater Degree of Good.” In addition to making its manufacturing processes and locations more sustainable, Rheem is focused on developing products that help consumers be more energy efficient and reduce their environmental impact.

According to the company, as a result of the direct effect heating, cooling, and water heating equipment has on energy and water consumption around the globe, it is committed to developing and marketing products that minimize waste when in use. Aligned with the company’s 2025 sustainability goals and its 100th year anniversary, Rheem will launch a line of heating, cooling and water heating products that boast a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint.

In addition to developing sustainable products, Rheem is also focused on implementing environmentally responsible processes and refining its manufacturing, supply chain, and operations practices to minimize material, energy, and water waste. Along with the company’s independent efforts to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns, Rheem is committed to affecting an even greater environmental impact and is calling on other companies to adopt environmentally sound practices and prioritize sustainability in their manufacturing as well.

The HVAC and plumbing industries continue to face a growing labor shortage as the current workforce retires and demand rises. Recognizing that the company’s success is dependent on skilled plumbers and contractors who install and service its products, Rheem is investing in new recruiting and training initiatives to foster a qualified workforce and educate the trade on how to best support its sustainability goals as well.

Publication date: 1/14/2019

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