Company: Enertiv

Product: Enertiv 360

Description: This patent-pending technology combines IoT sensor data, machine learning, and 3-D visualizations to enable building operators to access digital replicas of their assets from anywhere in the world. This product embeds real-time sensor data into 3-D visualizations to create an up-to-date digital replica of the mechanical and electrical infrastructure within large buildings. The solution allows building operators to streamline their processes and realize deep cost savings related to maintenance, repairs, and utilities. It is built specifically to be scaled within existing portfolios regardless of the age or sophistication of building systems. Portfolio-level operators can pull up equipment-specific documentation and vendor contacts directly in the 3-D environment, get up-to-the-minute performance data with a history of equipment faults, reduce travel time by troubleshooting issues remotely, and efficiently bring new operators and service companies up to speed on the asset. Buildings can be brought online in just one to two days, and the platform begins delivering insights after only two weeks.

Contact: 646-350-3525;; eProduct 187

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