Company: Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT®

Product: HotPurge® Pipe Purging Systems

Description: This system is used on heat-treated chrome and high-strength stainless steel pipe joints where the temperatures might be as high as 1,400°F (760ºC) for many hours. The unit allows the purge to be safely continued for up to 24 hours while pre-heating, welding, and post weld heat-treating with the purge system remaining in place. The device includes PurgeGate®, which prevents over-inflation of and damage to the inflatable dams. Each system also incorporates a central band for easy positioning inside the pipe. This band, known as RootGlo®, will illuminate inside the dark pipe for up to 20 hours after only 10 minutes previous exposure to daylight. Manufactured to suit pipe diameters from 6 to 88 inches, both inflatable dams have pull handles securely sewn with high-temperature-resistant Kevlar thread that will withstand a pulling force of 1,000 pounds.

Contact: 800-431-1311;; eProduct 185

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