Company: Komax Systems Inc.

Product: Komax Klean-Wall™ Heat Exchanger

Description: Featuring an advanced inline mixing system backed by technology that supports steam heat efficiency, this product makes use of different types of mixing in the heat transfer system to help users meet their unique mixing requirements. The system is designed to resist clogging and can pass debris up to 50 percent of the diameter of the pipe, eliminating wall buildup, municipal sludge, and other materials. This debris can pack the walls thick, but the heat exchanger’s efficiency does not degrade over time, and the high level of turbulence at the boundary walls helps eliminate that constant build up. The turbulent sludge is continuously scavenging the wall surface to remove fouling. According to the company, this heat exchanger should never require cleaning; however, if the user wishes to perform some preventative cleaning, the heat exchanger’s Hi-Pass design provides a clear pathway down the centerline for the hydro-rod.

Contact: 800-826-0760;; eProduct 189