Company: Blue Mountain Consulting Inc.

Product: SuperheatCalc Mobile App

Description: This app is designed to perform HVAC install and service calculations. It can compute target superheat for systems with fixed orifice expansion devices. The results may optionally be carried over to another page where actual superheat for specific refrigerants can be computed to determine if the system is charged correctly. Subcooling can be calculated as well, and for blended refrigerants, the average, dew, or bubble points may be used in the calculations as determined by the user. The app can also perform airflow calculation to ensure ducts are sized correctly. Friction rate can be determined if necessary, and ducts can be sized for diameter given an airflow or airflow determined given a duct diameter. Duct types supported include plain metal, duct board, duct liner, and flex duct.

Contact: 619-738-3557;; eProduct 185

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