The world of commercial refrigeration is changing quickly, thanks to government regulations and the introduction of low-GWP refrigerants. Manufacturers are responding by rolling out a wide array of new equipment that utilizes all types of refrigerants, providing end users with a number of new options to consider. Below are some of the products that manufacturers have recently introduced.


Product: Portable cooler and freezer containers

Details: These affordable containers are portable, so they can be moved anywhere indoors or out with a simple electrical plug-in. There’s a trailer option with room for a generator for use in remote locations.

End user benefits: All electric and quiet operation with a new 5-hp, preinstalled refrigeration system. No need to refuel or hook up charge for the refrigeration, just bring power to it.

Serviceability features: The white steel exterior panels with stainless steel lined interior walls and ceiling and an aluminum floor with four drains allows for easy clean out and maintenance.

Warranty information: The new 8-by-20-foot and 8-by-40-foot cooler and freezer containers include a one-year warranty on the mechanicals with extended warranty option.


Product: KEP extended profile unit cooler

Details: This unit cooler delivers airflow typically associated with high-profile units but within the footprint of a medium-profile design. It has the KeepRite Refrigeration (honeycomb grille) design for greater air throw, is available in virtually all models (air, electric, and hot gas defrost), uses many standardized parts, and includes an enhanced tube design.

End user benefits: The cooler is ready to meet the 2020 Department of Energy efficiency standards. Coolers can be installed with the ESP+ full electronic solutions package, which can be integrated with a door switch and set up for lead/lag systems. It also sends text/email alarms.

Serviceability features: The ESP+ includes local web pages, graphs, and data logging for ease of troubleshooting and setpoint changes, and the system can be viewed and controlled remotely to assist contractors with system diagnostics.

Warranty information: Manufacturer did not specify.


Product: eCO2Boost transcritical CO2 system (new low-capacity platform)

Details: This natural refrigerant booster system is designed for new construction of smaller supermarkets and grocers that have smaller capacity requirements.

End user benefits: With refrigeration costs being a significant portion of their budgets, grocery stores and other food retailers are looking for ways to increase energy efficiency. The low-capacity platform design not only has a smaller footprint but has optimized and self-diagnosing oil controls along with optimum and low-cost superheat controls. This system also has a competitive edge with its parallel compression option.

Serviceability features: The food retail market values more than just product features; it leans heavily on support, service, parts replacement network, and the absence or minimization of downtime. Kysor Warren offers one point of contact for cases, systems, condensers/gas coolers, controls, a fully trained technical sales and service team that is available nationwide, and a free comprehensive training program to make sure there is no guesswork in installing, operating, and servicing the system.

Warranty information: Kysor Warren warrants to the original purchaser for a period of one year from the date of original installation or 12 months from the date of shipment.


Product: Remote refrigeration systems

Details: Many of these redesigned remote refrigeration systems utilize Copeland Scroll™ compressors along with environmentally friendly R-448A/R-449A refrigerant. All low-temp units now come standard with scroll compressors, and medium-temp models are available with both hermetic and scroll compressors, depending on the horsepower rating. The expanded M-Series condensing units are available in sizes ranging from ¼ to 15 hp.

End user benefits: The Master Controller features Web2Walk-In software, which allows remote monitoring and adjustment of walk-ins. A new defrost function monitors coil temperature and automatically turns on evaporator fans for a short time when the coil is warm to melt accumulated frost and ice from the fan guards. This prevents ice formation from blocking the cold airflow, resulting in more efficient cooling and lowering the risk of temperature fluctuations inside the walk-in caused by the constant opening and closing of walk-in doors.

Serviceability features: The expanded offering of evaporator coils, including new low-profile models, are designed for easy serviceability and maximum efficiency. Web2Walk-In software can pinpoint walk-in performance and maintenance issues, eliminating the need to enter the walk-in or access rooftop equipment to monitor or adjust the refrigeration system.

Warranty information: Manufacturer did not specify.


Product: Refrigeration systems with Copeland Scroll compressors and optional Enviro-Control™ electronic controller system

Details: Scroll compressors provide customers with highly engineered, energy-efficient, quiet refrigeration systems with increased reliability and extended equipment life due to fewer moving parts. The optional Enviro-Control electronic controller system for walk-in refrigeration is designed to increase reliability, connectivity, and food safety while reducing operating costs.

End user benefits: The Enviro-Control offers precise and reliable temperature control, as well as more complete removal of ice build-up in evaporator coils, which can lead to loss of coil performance and food spoilage. The interface located on the front of the evaporator coil allows users to adjust many functions of the refrigeration system. The controller offers the ability to receive alerts, text messages, and emails and remotely control the evaporator from a phone, computer, or tablet.

Serviceability features: It offers optional data logging with the last 30 days of data in 10-minute intervals, which provides food safety verification as well as troubleshooting.

Warranty information: Manufacturer did not specify.


Product: Walk-in coolers and freezers

Details: Each custom-built Polar King walk-in is constructed with a seamless fiberglass design, which keeps the insulated structure completely intact while preventing moisture retention and bacteria formation. Options include scroll compressors, choice in refrigerants (R-404A, R-448A, and R-449A), and KE2 controlled environment systems. All walk-in units are designed to comply with the high-velocity hurricane zone of the Florida building code and Miami Dade approval.

End user benefits: Over time, traditional metal panel walk-in units can suffer from moisture retention, lowering the R-value of the insulation and thereby reducing the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the unit. With seamless fiberglass construction, Polar King walk-in units prevent moisture penetration, retaining the R-Value of the insulation. This will not only extend the life of a walk-in cooler or freezer but also provide a long-term return on investment.

Serviceability features: All units ship fully assembled and require no on-site installation or refrigeration work. The refrigeration has been installed and tested at the Polar King factory, and all that is required to put the walk-in cooler or freezer into operation is an electrical connection.

Warranty information: Polar King’s limited warranty offers coverage for 25 years on the internal foam insulation, 12 years on the structure, one year on the refrigeration system, one year on miscellaneous parts and accessories, and a total of five years on the compressor.


Product: FLM-81~TSL01 Full Length Merchandiser (FLM)

Details: The self-contained FLMs can be placed side-by-side, providing the seamless look of an endless case. With three sizes available (single-, double-, and triple-door), it is flexible to meet most any retailer’s refrigeration needs.

End user benefits: The FLM can serve many purposes, from grocery stores with small displays to larger stores that want to mimic one continuous unit. Retailers can mix and match refrigerated and freezer cases. This flexibility is what makes them more cost effective and flexible than the installation of remote condenser systems. The FLM’s mobility gives it an edge in the marketplace and makes it valuable to retailers.

Serviceability features: Utilizing environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant, FLM units plug into a standard 115 V outlet and can be installed anywhere. The reverse condensing fan (RCU) system helps keep the condenser coil clean.

Warranty information: The units come standard with three-year parts and labor warranty and a five-year warranty on the condensing unit.


Product: Liquid-Cooled Condensing Units (LCCUs)

Details: Designed for use with low-temperature Zero Zone display cases, LCCUs are water cooled and use environmentally friendly R-448A refrigerant. They contain a low refrigerant charge, at less than 8 pounds per condensing unit. The main components include a Carel control system, variable-speed compressor, and electronic speed drive.

End user benefits: Each display case is connected to its own condensing unit, so if one unit goes down, only one display case is affected. The lower-charged system provides lower operational risk to the retailer and less exposure to the environment.

Serviceability features: For ease of installation, pre-programmed components are assembled at the Zero Zone factory, reducing the number of costly field connections and startup adjustments. Service is simple and safe, since the system runs on a lower charge.

Warranty information: One-year parts warranty available.


Publication date: 9/3/2018

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