Company: Extech Instruments

Product: BR250-4 Video Boroscope/Wireless Inspection Camera

Description: This inspection borescope is designed to get into openings as small as 4.5 mm while providing bright, clear images on its detachable, wireless display. Its narrow-diameter camera adds a level of accessibility and has a 2 GB capacity to record video or snap high-resolution photographs. Application examples include minimally invasive inspections of wall and ceiling cavities for moisture, insect infestation, electrical wiring, and water pipe location; inspections of ducts and obscured areas behind motors and compressors; and more. The hand-held monitor can be kept in direct view or affixed to any metallic surface using its included magnet mount. Alternately, for inspection sites near hazardous or moving components, the wireless monitor allows users to inspect conditions remotely, up to 32 feet away. The camera comes in a hard carrying case, complete with a magnetic base stand, a microSD memory card and adaptor, USB and video cables, an AC adaptor, a rechargeable display battery, and four
AA batteries.

Contact: 877-239-8324;; eProduct 183

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