Company: Marketair

Product: SuperSleeve

Description: SuperSleeve is a PVC wall sleeve for insulated linesets, electrical/communications cabling, and condensate drain hose. It can be used for retrofitting any brand or model of wall-mounted ductless mini-split evaporators in residential and commercial buildings. The patent-pending SuperSleeve eliminates the need for a second job site technician or a temporary support bracket to hold the evaporator in place during a retrofit installation. It has a 3-inch diameter that’s flanged on both ends for a tight, secure fit and telescopes from 6 to 12 inches to accommodate most wall thicknesses. It has an integral positive slope guide for the condensate drain hose. Although the sleeve is installed level, the drain hose guide sill ensures a 3/8-inch downward pitch away from the evaporator to promote correct drainage. The hose compartment at the bottom of the sleeve holds a standard insulated 5/8-inch condensate hose securely in place to ensure the pitch.

Contact: 732-985-8226;; eProduct 185

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