FAIRFIELD, N.J. — Fujitsu General America has released a Thermostat Converter for its high-efficiency Halcyon mini-split and Airstage variable refrigerant flow (VRF) heating and cooling systems that allows the Fujitsu system to be controlled by a third-party thermostat.

Thermostat Converter, model UTY-TTRX, provides control when a third-party thermostat is used. Up to 16 indoor units can be controlled as a group by a single Thermostat Converter. It works in conjunction with all condenser and evaporator types.

By installing the converter between the third-party thermostat and Fujitsu system, control of the heating and cooling system is provided, including on/off control, operation mode, room temperature, fan speed, and error notifications via LED lights. 

For more information, visit www.fujitsugeneral.com.

Publication date: 05/04/18