WAYNESBORO, Ga. — Schwank recently introduced the all-new SchwankAir 500, 2000, and 2500 Series Air Curtains to add to their new Air Curtain product line. Air Curtains are placed over the door in order to create a powerful air seal to keep conditioned air in the building and dirt and debris out. These new models, which are available in commercial/industrial and retail applications, introduce a wide variety of new features over the existing lineup and have a new sleek design. They can be placed horizontally or vertically to seal the door depending on the application and can also be installed in cold-store applications.

500 Series

The 500 Series is a smaller unit intended for take-out windows and is available in a 208-V, 12-A model or a 208-V, 25-A model. These units provide an air seal for any small take-out window in order to keep conditioned air in and keep dirt and debris out. The 500 Series is available in a surface-mounted option to easily mount to any take-out window and is heated to provide comfort while sealing the window.

2000 Series

The 2000 Series is intended for door sizes up to 10 feet tall. These units are available in a wide array of new features. The first new feature are the optional heated units to provide additional comfort for anyone walking through the doorway. Traditional air curtains are unheated and may provide a cooler breeze when walking through the doorway. Heated options are available in both electric- and water-heated models for more applications. The 2000 Series also has a recessed option available for all models. This allows the unit to be installed flush with most structures. These recessed models have an easy to remove grill for quick maintenance. These units are available in 208-, 230-, 480-, and 600-V models.

2500 Series

The 2500 Series is the most powerful of the line. These air curtains are intended for door sizes up to 11.5 feet tall. While the 2000 Series covers most door sizes, the 2500 Series adds a stronger, more powerful seal to the door to increase energy savings. These models are also available with a heated option in both electric and water heated models. The 2500 Series is also available in a recessed model to achieve the same power without sacrificing the aesthetics of your door. Like the 2000 Series, the 2500 Series is also available in 208-, 230-, 480-, and 600-V models.

For more information, visit www.schwankgroup.com.

Publication date: 03/02/18