With the 2017 summer season in the books, distributor management teams now focus on the execution of the winter logistics and sales plan, while studying the outlook for next year. While weather always provides the potential to adjust our sales, there is no doubt that when utilizing good data, effectively trained and supported management teams can design and execute better strategies to reach their goals.

Our recent Sales and Marketing Optimization Focus conference in Philadelphia was packed with specific ideas and professional development content to get your team ready for the seasons ahead. There is a reason that the Philly event was the biggest FOCUS conference in HARDI history. HARDI members are discovering that the HARDI FOCUS conference schedule is the centerpiece of their management team skill-building strategy. The attendance at each FOCUS conference this year has evolved to include not just distributor principals, but the distributor personnel most likely to benefit from the professional growth opportunity of each event.

The next big event is the NOVA2017 Annual Conference in Las Vegas. This event will be a blockbuster. John Foley, former lead solo pilot of the Blue Angels, and Herb Meyer, a former CIA official, will change your perspective immediately and give you something to think about. Juliet Funt will show you how important it is to take the time to do it. The conference tracks, Discover, Deploy and Deliver, were curated to match real experts and content with the skill-set requirements of your whole team.

Just as the FOCUS Conferences have evolved to include operational level personnel in distribution, the HARDI Annual Conference has become such a rich learning environment that many distributor members include the whole leadership team. You owe it to yourself to visit www.NOVA2017.com with your management team. You will see that this year’s conference matches the best speaker and industry content with one of the best convention facilities in the country. Aria is a unique property in Las Vegas in that attendees can easily walk from their rooms and suites to the event in a beautiful space that is separated from the gaming environment. You’ll find your time in Las Vegas enriching, enlightening and enjoyable. I look forward to seeing you there.