COLUMBUS, Ohio —  Heating, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) will be hosting its annual Emerging Leaders Conference as part of its Emerging Leaders program from July 23-25 in Louisville, Kentucky.

The conference this year comes after the Emerging Leaders program saw its first graduating class last December.

“This will be my second Emerging Leaders Conference this July,” says Bob Engel III of API of NH & Delta T Distributors. “This forum is one of a kind and can truly have an enormous impact on this industry in the years to come. Last year, I was able to learn from some brilliant industry experts, many of whom had great ideas that we were able to implement in my organization.”

One of the most popular components at HARDI’s Emerging Leaders Conference is the mentor-led roundtables, where conference attendees hold small-group discussions with leading industry experts from HARDI member companies and establish advisor relationships. In addition, the event will feature speaker Brent Grover for a strategic planning workshop and a group session led by Versatility.

“What makes this event so unique is that you are able to connect both professionally and personally with like-minded individuals nationwide,” Engel continues. “Personally, I believe that the Emerging Leaders program is a game changer, and I look forward to what this year’s conference has in store.”

“The HARDI Emerging Leaders program has grown exponentially over the past several years since we launched it in 2013 at Annual Conference,” says HARDI Manager of Training and HR Solutions, Nick Benton. “There are crucial benefits to having involvement in this program for members. Think of it as ‘succession insurance,’ as opposed to being simply a part of succession planning. The knowledge and best practices from experienced leaders in our industry gets passed down to the following generations through mentor relationships facilitated by this program, which helps ensure preparedness for new industry leaders in the future.”

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Publication date: 6/21/2017