COLUMBUS, Ohio — Heating, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) has released to participating members the annual operating performance benchmarking data via Distributor Performance Dashboards (DPD) Powered by CoMetrics.

The survey of calendar year 2016 operations experienced 23.5 percent participant growth.  The record number of participants this year was possible due to a 95 percent retention rate. DPD provides participants with the ability to compare their own performance to benchmarks derived from distributors with similar sales composition or scale.

In its fourth year of recurrence, DPD was expanded this year with new functionality by partnering with CoMetrics. This new, expanded version of DPD has the following additional benefits:

  • Co-Score, a performance score based on weighted average of key performance indicators;
  • Presentation easily identifies performance gaps and the dollar size relative to the benchmark;
  • Annual data persists so participants can see the evolution of their performance over multiple years; and
  • All the reports are easy to print or export to Excel.

“Partnering with CoMetrics has let us kick the DPD program up a notch, and we saw a huge boost in participation this year. There were members who participated in the past that when we reached out to tell them that they could now login to the new site to see their past data in the new format, they immediately signed up for this year,” said Brian Loftus, HARDI market research & benchmarking analyst. “We also had members who missed 2013 or 2014 data, so to have a more complete picture of their performance — annual data persists now — they entered multiple surveys this year. Those members can now see four years of performance review. We even had members reaching out to others and encouraging them to participate.” 

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Publication date: 6/6/2017