J.W. Winco, Inc., a supplier of standard industrial machine components, now offers GN 820.4 Steel Horizontal Acting Toggle Clamps with safety hook latch, with vertical mounting base.

These RoHS-compliant horizontal acting toggle clamps, also available in stainless steel, have a safety function whereby, during closing, a spring-loaded safety hook latch ensures a secure locking connection. This prevents the inadvertent unlocking of the clamp due to vibrations or an accidental attempt of loosening or opening of the clamp.

To open and release the clamp, users pull up on the finger grip to disengage the safety hook latch mechanism, allowing for one-hand operation. As the lever and clamping bar move in the opposite direction, they require less space for the clamping action.

   The toggle clamp and safety hook latch are made from case-hardened sheet metal, zinc plated, with a blue passivated finish. The bearing pins are tempered and the bearing rivets are case-hardened. The hand grip is constructed of an oil-resistant plastic.

For more information, visit www.jwwinco.com.