Loud applause erupted at the brand new Daikin Texas Technology Park when Goodman CEO and President Takeshi Ebisu affixed a badge to the first GoodmanÒ brand air conditioning unit to roll off an assembly line at the $417 million campus.

For Ebisu and the hundreds of Goodman team employees surrounding the assembly line, it was a time to celebrate a milestone in the works since the HVAC manufacturer announced in January 2015 it would build a state-of-art facility just outside Northwest Houston.

The huge campus is expected to employee over 5,000 people as part of Daikin’s global commitment to support in-country design, engineering and assembly. Goodman, a member of the Daikin group, is in the process of moving all of its United States operations to the new Texas campus.

“The new business campus will provide many outstanding benefits to our customers,” stated Mr. Ebisu. “The operational efficiencies we achieve will be reflected in the superb quality of our high-efficiency, energy-saving heating and cooling systems. As the leading global HVAC manufacturer, we are excited about the outstanding value that this move will bring to our current and future customers.

“We see this new business campus as a strong, long-term commitment to our customers in North America,” said Ebisu.

The facility is now the world’s largest tilt wall building, according to the Tilt Wall Building Association. Nearing completion, Daikin Texas Technology Park will eventually encompass 4.1 million operational square feet – about the size of 74 football fields, end zones included.

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